Medical Dermatology

As the body’s largest organ, your skin’s health is vital to your overall well-being. Our dermatology providers at Gulf Coast Medical Center Dermatology & Aesthetics, led by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Kenneth A. Wallace, use the latest technology to treat a range of skin conditions and perform routine skin exams. At our full-service dermatology clinics in Trinity, Port Richey, and Spring Hill, Florida, our providers can combine treatments for medical skin conditions with cosmetic dermatology procedures.  

Conditions We Treat

Our team prides itself on providing compassionate care when treating skin conditions that can cause physical and sometimes social discomfort. We use a collaborative approach, explaining why specific treatments are the most effective for your concerns and educating you about managing the condition effectively.

Among the skin conditions we treat are the following:


Creating a personalized treatment plan involves addressing the specific type of acne and your lifestyle.


Managing this chronic condition includes treating the symptoms and avoiding environments that trigger flare-ups.


The dry, itchy skin caused by this common condition can occur in children and adults.


Identifying the underlying cause of a persistent rash is the key to effective treatment.


Treating this uncomfortable and incurable condition can significantly improve your quality of life.

Age Spots

Advanced laser treatments can effectively reverse sun damage that causes age spots (or brown spots).


Hyperpigmentation is a common concern among women, especially those with darker skin tones.

Moles & Lesions

Typically harmless, moles and lesions should be monitored regularly, especially for patients at greater risk for skin cancer.

Skin Cancer

Most skin cancers can be treated effectively, especially when detected early.

Fungal Infection

Skin infections caused by a fungus can occur anywhere on the body, although athlete’s foot is probably the most commonly known type.

Wart Removal

We treat common warts that often appear on the hands and warts caused by HPV (human papillomavirus).

Choose Our Specialists for Your Medical Dermatology Treatments

Women and men looking for a dermatologist to treat skin conditions travel from Wesley Chapel, West Tampa, Brookville, and throughout Central West Florida to one of our 3 locations. When you see a member of our dermatology team at Gulf Coast Medical Center Dermatology & Aesthetics, you’ll be treated by an experienced specialist who can tailor a treatment plan for your needs. Request a consultation at one of our locations using the online form or call us at (727) 318-5515 to schedule an appointment.

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